Friday, March 17, 2006

Can You Become a Poker Superstar?

Well, as you can see, my fingers have been blazing a blue streak across the Internet. I have been writing a lot lately, on serious poker subjects.

I told you that lists help keep me accountable, didn't I? So far, I've accomplished this:

1) More Psychology of Poker (finished first two parts; working on 3rd)
2) Third (and final??? Naw, I don't think so!) theory on the demise of Stud
3) Future of Cardrooms
4) Grinding Omaha online (partially finished)
5) Future of tournament poker
6) Narcissism and poker (finished)

This list wasn't made months ago, but just days ago! So I've gotten some real work done.

I've also been playing online almost daily. I have the Stars VIP and deposit bonus working for me. That gives me some incentive (other than making money consistently, that is).

Lately I've been curious about taking a newish player and making him or her into a poker superstar. Not TV star, not tournament star, necessarily, but into a really awesome player.

I could do it to myself. Maybe I could do it to Glenn. But we have been around too long, we are jaded and know too much.

I want fresh, raw meat, lol. I would like to take someone who just know the mechanics of poker, and maybe knows a little bit of strategy naturally, or because he read a book or two. I would like to see if I could turn him into a real star.

If I end up doing this, I would probably hold some kind of contest to choose my victim, err, future star. Definitely these will be mandatory criteria:

1) Must play live
2) Must have an interest in playing games other than Hold'em
3) Must be immune to TV/tournament stardom
4) Must be primarily a cash game player
5) Must have passion for poker

I will probably never find anyone to fit this criteria, but let's fantasize. Let's imagine I do find my perfect subject.

I would probably bankroll him, starting at the lowest limits. I would sweat him online, to see how he handles himself in different cash games, for low stakes. He would send me hand histories, and we would chat on IM about his play, and his philosophy of poker.

If he passes this test, I would either fly him out to Laughlin/Vegas (only 90 miles apart) and sweat him in live action. I would be able to teach him the proper way to hold cards, the proper demeanor at the table, what he should be saying/not be saying, cardroom etiquette, making the most out of comps, table selection, etc.

If he passes this test, I'd move him to other games. Stud, Omaha, Mixed games. I would teach him fixed limit, spread limit, pot-limit and no-limit. I would teach him to adjust to each player type, and conquer all poker personalities (LAP, LPP, TPP, TAP). We would talk poker theory and personal life outside of poker.

I would likely stake him in a few small buy-in tourneys to see how he reacts to the increasing pressure of this type of contest. We would do book studies together and travel to a few of the bigger festivals, to check out side-game action, and how to make the most of side games during big events, when players are steaming and spewing chips.

Okay, so I could go on forever. This is a big interest that I have, and might someday attempt.

I, personally, don't have the passion to make myself into the next Cissy Bottoms. But I do believe that I have the ability to make someone else a superstar. Of course, I'll never know until I try, so you might expect a post looking for "volunteers" shortly.

Felicia :)