Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've Re-Created a Monster

Oy. I should never have written about Glenn and his table chatter during my recent posts. Why? Because writing about it made him take it up again.

We went to the Riverside last night for some low limit fun. Glenn couldn't keep his mouth shut for a minute. This is the same guy who doesn't speak ten words during a typical day. For whatever reason, he feels compelled to chatter non-stop in a cardroom.

So an off-duty dealer sits down to Glenn's left. Glenn open-raises with jacks. The dealer calls two cold. After the hand is over, a LPP is found to have A6o for top pair of aces. The dealer has queens. Glenn starts asking him why he didn't make it three bets. Glenn is telling him that if he'd have made it three bets, the LPP wouldn't have called three cold with A6o and the queens would have had a better chance to win. Glenn starts telling him how making it three bets with queens would have upped his win percentage significantly.

You'd think this guy was giving Glenn a blowjob or something, the way Glenn is talking to him!

They're playing against each other! The dealer is passive, loose and giving away lots of money. And here is Glenn, with his non-stop chatter teaching him about three-betting and pot odds.


Yeah, that is my motto, too...Go to the cardroom and educate everyone at the table and tell the guy on my left how better to beat me...

Felicia :)