Monday, June 19, 2006

Dustin Diamond

Today there is a discussion on OOT about Dustin Diamond. He was the character, Screech in Saved by the Bell. I guess he mismanaged his money, so now he is in danger of losing his house. He obviously has a good sense of humor, as indicated by his career and selling of tee-shirts with him being a broke bum.

Anyway, I figured that the bloggers have a lot of power. Power enough to get someone like Wil Wheaton into the poker spotlight, on TV and a deal with Stars. No offense to Wil, but that is some feat!

If the bloggers wield that much power, which they do, then surely they should be able to turn some guy with a recognizable character name, and a reputation of a monster schlong , who has a good sense of humor, into the poker porn king!

I put out some feelers. Surely bloggers can turn this into something. I don't have the personality to make this happen, but I have a good reputation for copying other great ideas, lol.

I'm thinking: porn, strip poker, monster schlong, poker...something has to fit!

Felicia :)