Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't Have a Hand? How About a Foot?

I forgot about a funny incident at MGM during the series.

Bad Blood and G-Rob came to play, not even knowing we were there (I'm sure they would have chosen to play elsewhere had they known they'd have to put up with me and Glenn).

At BB's table a guy with no arms came to the table. Not the guy from the 2005 series, who has an arm which doesn't work, but a guy with literally NO arms. He played with his foot (like that other, young guy).

After a short while, I noticed that BB had doubled up. I asked him if he'd doubled up against the handicapped guy. He said:

"No, I never got involved in a hand with that guy."

I said:

"Neither has anyone else, he doesn't have any hands!"

Groans all around.