Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not Much of an Update

Glenn just posted a couple of tourney reports. I just can't seem to write much. My head is pounding from allergies. My choices are to either take some meds that make me sleepy, or just sit and try to relax though it.

My friend Bill at Riverside (PT dealer) gave me a CD of his music. He plays native american flute. It is excellent, but then again, I love these types of meditative CD's. Glenn knocked Bill out on the bubble the other night at the Riverside tourney. I think I need to throw Bill a redbird or two for the CD and for busting out right before the money.

If I can get some allergy relief, I'll try to continue on with my psych series. Right now my head hurts too much to think. I am still running so ridiculously well that it's just nuts. It's like I can't lose, and I know that things will turn soon, but it sure feels good now. I even played a pit game, the WSOP game at Riverside. Not my bag, but the dealers were so horrid at reading hands that I think a player who keeps his mouth closed could possibly beat the game.

Okay, so it's off to hayfever hell for me. Talk to you soon.

Felicia :)