Monday, July 24, 2006

Slow Week

I'm kind of losing my steam for the psychology series. I guess in some ways it's lack of interest. I get an e-mail, IM or comment here and there, but most people are just sort of holding their breath, watching the series, enjoying summer, etc. Like me.

Today I worked out in the garden a lot, even though the heat is sometimes so overwhelming that it sucks the breath out of my lungs. I love gardening and truly get more pleasure out of it than anything poker has ever given me. Not to mention it is so great for my health, compared to poker (gag).

Anyway, we are wrapping things up to head up to Vegas on Thursday morning. Glenn finally got his starting day assignment. 1d, July 31st he will be starting. For those of you following CP coverage with a passion, look for Bagrowski.

Glenn also won some tickets for a drawing to be held tonight at Riverside. Twenty names will be drawn for different prizes and entry into a freeroll following the drawing. Every one of those names receives something, no matter how small (and it's not like a keychain or something, it's at least $100).

Then the twenty sit down to a two-table tournament. The winner receives a car or $7500 in cash. Yeah, I don't know how they came up with this horrible figure. The car is supposedly worth $17,000, but if you don't take the car you only get $7500, lol. Only in Laughlin.

So hopefully Glenn will get something out of it. I don't have any entries, as I haven't played much at Riverside until just the past few days. Some regular player have like 50 entries, so Glenn's four look pretty paltry right about now. Worse case scenario, he'll win some money in cash games tonight.

Have a great week,

Felicia :)