Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WSOP Cash Updates

Some more of my friends made it into the money, final tabled or won an event.

Ralph Perry finally got there. I don't know Ralph, but I've watched him play. You might remember him as the guy who came in 3rd at the 2002 WSOP when it was three-handed, he had jacks, Gardner had tens and Varkonyi had aces. He made the push, Gardner made the lay-down.

Mike O'Malley made the money again. Sheesh, dude, if you keep making the money, Party is actually going to have to give you a raise to keep you ;)

A guy I like a lot, Chad Layne, took 5th at the shootout final table. From the looks of things, the FT just didn't go his way. Sometimes we come back from dinner or that second day, and every move we make, someone actually has a hand. Every time we have a hand, someone has a better one. From the CP descriptions, looks like that is what happened to Chad.

Last year Chad cracked me up. The first time we really got to know each other, was in a $1500 HORSE event at Plaza. He asked if he could get my advice on Razz. At first I thought he was joking around, but then he convinced me that he'd never played Razz before. I almost fell on the floor laughing that he'd bought into a $1500 tourney having never played lowball stud.

Then at the series, Chad busted early in the 5k event, and decided at the last minute to join the Razz event. He made it farther than me, if that tells you anything, by making some sick, nasty plays. Over dinner, we talked about Razz and I gave him some advice. He was almost in the money. Of course he didn't follow any of my advice and made some more unbelievable plays after I'd just informed his table that due to my "expert instruction" he was sure to make the money! Oy, vey! In the end, though, he busted out right before the payout, I think maybe 8 players to go or something.

But despite Chad's crazy plays in ALL games, he has an excellent chance of winning tourneys, and he has a wonderful life. He doesn't play full-time because he owns an insurance claims agency (or something like that), and has a real life, including wife and kids. Basically, he's just a great guy and that is that. Go Chad!

So anyway, today I'll try to get to some of my psychological exercises meant to help us change our style at he poker tables. We'll see if that one goes over like a lead balloon, or becomes one of my "best of" type posts.

Felicia :)