Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update on Some Friends

Here is an update on some of my friends:

John Cernuto took 5th place in the $1500 Stud event and 15th place in the $1000 NLHE event

Katja Thater took 29th place in the $1500 Stud event and 53rd place in the $2000 PLHE event

Jean Gaspard took 131st place in the $1000 NLHE event

Dr. Max Stern took 4th place in the $300 O8 event at Orleans (a deal was made, so this is even better than it looks; I was there sweating him for the whole final table)

Dr. Maria Stern took 1st place in the Seniors Charity event at Orleans (yes, Maria qualified as a "senior" even though I told them it was impossible, given her looks, and that they should have asked for ID first)

Artie Cobb took 7th in the $300 O8 event at Orleans

Mike O'Malley took 19th place in the 5k O8 event

And my personal hero, Glenn Bagrowski took 26th place in the $225 rebuy NLHE event at Orleans

Congrats to all of you!

I am leaving out some of the bigger names who are my friends (Ted, Barry, Joe Sebok, David Levi, etc). They get plenty of publicity, they don't need my kudos ;)

Love you all!

Felicia :)