Friday, July 07, 2006

Off to Orleans, Round Two

Sorry I didn't get to any more posts yesterday. My fingers just gave out (ask Glenn, lol).

A good friend, John Cernuto made the FT of the Stud WSOP event. Go John! If I get some free time, I might go over and sweat him there. I doubt the crowds will be as overwhelming at the Stud FT, they never are. Too bad more people don't see the beauty and poetry in this game.

Congrats to Shirley Rosario for making it through another round of chemo and coming to play the 5k O8 event. No matter that she didn't make the money, the morale victory is worth millions more!

Anyway, we're off again to Vegas and the Orleans O8 and Stud events.

I hope to see all of my old and new friends there. If I don't remember you from years past, cut me some slack and remember I got a free lobotomy with chemo!

Felicia :)