Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chipleader: Max Pescatori

Looks like my buddy Max Pescatori is in the chip lead of the 2k NLHE event going on at Rio.

Go Max!

Anyone who feels like it, send him a good luck e-mail. I know he is thrilled to receive mail, and if anyone deserves it for the above and beyond heroism last year for Charlie Tuttle, he is Max.

Max is definitely the bridemaid of the WSOP. So many cashes, so many final tables, no bracelet yet. But this could be his year! He is ranked one of the best professional tournament players in the world, yet barely gets any press at all! Kind of the Ted Forrest of world class players (until 2004, that is. Go Ted!). If I could pick just one player in the entire world who deserves a bracelet and some real recognition, he would be Max Pescatori! This is the year, Donkey Kong. Go get 'em.

We might head up to Vegas early in order to sweat Max. Since today is a 3k LHE event, I'm hoping/wishing/praying it won't be so mobbed. And also that Rio has my press pass.

For the many things Max has done for me over the past two years, I'll be there if he wants me, no matter what!

Felicia :)