Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ray's New Book

Probably not many of you know this. After all, who else besides me and a few other no-life losers actually surf the Internet for twelve hours per day looking for new and decent poker information? I hope most of you said "not me."

Ray Zee has a book coming out. I know, I just lost most of you to faint. It is supposed to be titled: Winning High Stakes and Short Handed Hold ’em; Expert Limit Hold ’em for Serious Cash Game & Internet Players by Ray Zee and Dave Fromm.

I hope you read that twice. Yes, he will not only be teaching you how to win high stakes games, but also shorthanded games. Shorthanded doesn't necessarily mean 5-max or 6-max, btw. I know that new players have a very hard time understanding the difference.

Ray has only written two other poker books, both considered the definitive works in their subject matter. Both are dated, but can be utilized in today's games by very easy adjustments, which I have touted time and again. An old poker book doesn't necessarily mean a bad poker book, it just means that you have to take in mind the differences in the game.

Felicia :)