Friday, June 30, 2006

"Don't Forget Your Helmet!"

"Don't Forget Your Helmet!" --Eva Can Hang

Yes, I belong in the special olympics. I is dumb. Being retarded is a real handicap. Why? Because even if I win a gold medal, I'm still retarded!

I hate chemo. I feel so bad for those undergoing it right now. On the cancer forums, I read all the time, "Boy, can't wait til I'm done with this chemo, so I can get my head back on straight!" I want to cry for them. I want to say something, but I hate to discourage them. After all, they might be the exception to the rule and be thinking normally again in no time at all!

Anyway, moving on, the subject of my post was a response that Eva gave me when I told her I'd overlooked a major player at Party.

Mike O'Malley is their CRM, and has my journal linked. I'm not good friends with Mike, but poker acquaintances. I had forgotten all about his job with Party, duh!

I wonder what my IQ is right now? It's probably dropping like AOL shares in 2001.

Felicia :)