Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Glenn Round II

Glenn has got to be the nicest guy in the world (to be married to me, you'd better believe it).

Since he is so worried about my health and playing in the series, he decided he'd just try to win another seat.

Yesterday he played all day, while at times multi-tabling in other games. He got close a couple of times, but no cigar.

Today he did the same. He finally made it past the first tier just now.

What a fantastic guy!

Kind of hurts that no seems to recognize this. I see a billion comments on other blogs when someone wins a big seat, but pretty much nada on Glenn's. It's too bad that the bloggers have to take out the hate they feel for me on him. Some of these people have met him, played against him, sat next to him at restaurants, talked to him, etc. But they hate me so much they can't even be bothered to send a quick IM saying "good job, bro."

And I wonder why I pulled away...

Felicia :)