Monday, July 03, 2006

Off to Vegas

Looks like Orleans has been an overwhelming success so far. I called yesterday and Marlin said something like 451 for the first event, over 300 had registered so far for the LHE event. He also said so far they had stuck to the structure. I heard that some people were whining about the "slow structure," and being "forced to play so long," lol.

I think I'll take it, thank you very much.

So Glenn wants to try for a sat this morning. It's a $200 NLHE rebuy event. We're headed up early so he can get into a sat or two and try to win his entry plus rebuy.

Tomorrow is the first O8 event. I'll probably play cash games to win my entry, unless the juice on the O8 sats is a good deal.

Marlin said they've had Razz cash games 24/7, so that should be fun.

Max cashed at 21st yesterday. Some incredible beats put him more in the middle of the pack early on, and he fought his way to stay alive all afternoon. He finally went out with KK vs. A3 or some such garbage.

Another Two Plus Twoer made another final table. She is upholding our record of one Two Plus Twoer at every final table so far. Go US! She also kind of looks like me, so I'll probably get a lot of inquiries about it. NO, it's not me! I'll stick with the low-rollers at Orleans, tyvm. I just don't have what it takes for these big, NLHE events. And even worse, I don't have the ambition or drive. No matter how much I push myself to play Hold'em, and no matter how well I do in an individual session, I just don't like it. Ugh, I really missed the boat.

Oh, well. Off to Orleans and the pit of hell. Talk to you in a few days!

Felicia :)