Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shout-Outs to Friends!

I had another great trip to Vegas. I'll try to post about it today (just slept over 12 hours straight, I was that exhausted).

For those of you looking for me on the O8 leaderboard, you obviously didn't see my name. Two guys I like a lot, though, Chris Gregorian and Earl Kim both made the final table. Yippee :)

In other news, some of my friends are still in the running of event #23 at Rio, the 3k LHE event:

Jerrod Ankenman is the chip lead (we have played together a few times and he was a very nice guy).

I don't know Mel Weiner, but I always think of a funny story during the series that happened a few years ago in the HU event. Mel was slated to play against Hellmuth, and they were calling their names to announce the HU match about to begin. The TD called out, "Weiner vs. Whiner" is about to start.

Barry has some chips. I saw Barry on the 2nd HORSE day and some woman was asking him to autograph a shirt (?!?). I told him not to put his signature on anything, it might make it easier for the FBI to find him. Barry asked me how poker is going. Ouch. Then he asked if I was still writing. I have a feeling I'm going to hear that a lot from now on :(

Matros is still in. I also saw him at Rio for the first time on Thursday. Great guy.

Harry Demitriou scores another final table in the SH event. I love Harry, and we agree on almost everything when it comes to poker. Some people say he's negative. Well, surprise surprise, they say the same about me! I totally get where he is coming from, and if wanting the best from the poker world is "being negative," well then, so be it. Harry is a top SH player and this makes just one of many scores for him in that arena.

Peter Costa, another Brit, is still in the running in the 3k O8 event at Rio. Thor Hansen and James Van Alstyne are hanging on, but both players are capable of turning short stacks around for a big win. Go, go, go!

Look for some trip reports from me coming up in the next few days. Glenn and I are exhuasted, so we decided to scrap the final NLHE event at Orleans and just come home to rest for a few days before Glenn begins the main event (still don't have his first day starting assignment).

Hope everyone is having a great, summer weekend!

Felicia :)