Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Run Goot!

I'm in the middle of some big posts. Suffice it to say, Glenn and I are running so ridiculously good that it's tough to keep it in perspective. Of course, running good in Laughlin isn't something to overly brag about ;) It is sort of like running good in LLO8. King of the special olympics, here we come!

In the last three tourneys I've played (the first three NLHE tourneys this year, I believe, after a long, long period of not playing Hold'em and not playing tourneys at all), I'm 3:3 ITM. More on that later. Glenn is 2:3 wins.

Glenn has some posts up about it. He is in the middle of one now, as well. Keep checking his blog if you get sick of waiting for me.

I gave Chris Fargis some last minute tips on Razz, and lookey here, he is ITM as well! Jeez, I should charge for my coaching and/or cheerleading services. Funny how I can help anyone except myself (that does seem to be changing, however).

I wonder if I could convince Chris that my services are worth 5%, hmmm!

Felicia :)