Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sick in the Head

Boy, am I in a lazy mood. I can't seem to play and write regularly anymore. I could do it in 2004 and prior to that, but since then, it seems like I'm either playing a lot, or writing a lot, never both.

I love the Riverside, in a sick, twisted, demented way. It's like Commerce wrapped up into 10 tables. A big argument/fight broke out between the one and three seats in our NLHE game there on Sunday. Guess where I was? Yeah, the two seat, and loving every minute of it.

The one seat was this messed up biker guy who is pretty much a maniac. He busted my aces when he called a 6x BB raise, out of position, with 64o, lol ;) He also busted my nine and queens during the course of the night, yet still went busto by 11pm (having bought in three times already).

The three and four seats were some LAer's originally from Iran. Decent couple, but not hugely experienced, just had a lot of money, and some gamble. They took almost an instant liking to me, as most middle easterners do (I have always gotten along extremely well with those from the middle east, go figure). Not sure to what extent they were working together, but since Glenn and I often find ourselves at the same table, too, I am in no position to say much about it (we avoid it like the plague if at all possible, but in a small town like Laughlin...).

Anyway, I was happy as a clam in the two seat while the one and three duked it out. I tried to somewhat keep the peace while ripping on both of them a little bit (good natured kidding), but I figured if the one seat ever crossed the line and mentioned the three seat's wife, all hell would break loose and fists would fly.

It finally did happen, when the one and four got into a big pot together. I was howling like a hyena as they both got up and started threatening physical violence.

Glenn spoiled the party by making me move to the nine seat after that.

Unfortunately, it just wasn't my night, and the streak I was on finally broke. I had almost every big hand busted, and got little action the times I didn't bust (AA, AKs). I reaped about a billion Sklansky bucks when my AA, QQ, QQ, 99 and AKo got beat either pre-flop, flop, turn or river. No love for me.

We took off last night (Monday's are typically the deadest night in Laughin during summer), and should be back in the fray tonight.

That no-cap NLHE cash game at Riverside is the absolute nuts. I have never played in a better NLHE cash game. Not at Bellagio, not at Commerce, Wynn, Excal, etc.

I can honestly say that in that regard, Laughlin has it by far. And yes, I have typically ripped on Laughlin poker. In every other regard (limit games, spread limit, Stud, O8) they suck, but at Riverside, that NLHE game is more live than any game I've ever played.

Felicia :)