Friday, February 27, 2004

Regular Sunday Night Tourney?

If any of the poker journal keepers are interested in a regular, Sunday night tourney, please e-mail me at:

I have found a site willing to host a weekly tournament for us.

The rules of entry must be a regularly updated poker journal. I will make exceptions based on my personal choice. For instance, if you don't keep a regular journal, but have journal-type entries on a site like 2+2, that is no problem (David Ross).

If you post stories on other poker discussion sites, and seem to be a regular, with journal-type qualities, that may be acceptable (Al Capone Jr; Eye of Sauron).

If you have a website, and post long, detailed trip reports with regularity, that might be fine, also (Sgt. Rock).

If you are a dealer who posts regular diary or journal entries, that would be good (Linda Geneen/Bellagio).

Just come beg a little bit, point out your posts, and I'll decide on an individual basis.

If you are starting a poker journal today, just to appease me, after months or years of absolutely no contribution to the written poker world, forget it. Not even if you promise to keep it going.

If you are a husband/wife, roommate, or some other duo under the same roof, wishing to play in the same tournament, choose one player only, two players under the same roof will not be allowed.