Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Adventures in Low Limit Omaha Eight

The fog is finally starting to clear, and I can think again. The sun is partially out, my blood sugar is fine and I'm raring to head up to Vegas for some live play this weekend.

It is amazing that I can play O8 online and win money, while sick, when I can't even think. I guess I'm lucky that O8 can be played by rote at those limits.

While I hated playing so passively, at first, now I'm getting used to it. It seems strange to have my pointer on check/call or check/fold versus bet/raise or check/fold, lol. I want to bet, bet, raise, when I know I've got the best hand at the time, but following Zee's advice, I cannot do that all of the time. Not only does he suggest sometimes not betting and/or raising with the current nut hand, but he even says on occasion we have to check/fold with the current nut hand! Wow, that is tough to do! It is truly a tough test of patience and obedience.

In the past five days, I've made about 140 bb's at .25/.50 O8. I usually only play one table at a time, unless I am transferring tables. I am making over 4 bb's per hour. I know I'm not making the most of my top hands, but my variance is very low, too. I'm not playing for drama, I'm playing to pass the time and endure some of my illness in a constructive manner (instead of being doped up on drugs all the time, which is what most doctors seem to suggest as the correct treatment).

I'm waiting for someone from 2+2 to start posting my hand histories and ripping me to shreds, but for the limits I'm playing, this tight/passive strategy isn't bad. I'm not an expert player, by any stretch of the imagination, plus trying to make a move on any of the micro limit players is just a joke.

Who knows where this is leading. For right now, I'm having a blast, making a little bit of money (hey, don't spend that $10 per day all in one place!) and trying to get through the winter complications with my diabetes.

Can't wait to see you all this weekend in Vegas!