Sunday, December 05, 2004

Omaha 8

If you haven't already guessed, I'm not going to be able to play the Stud 8 event at Bellagio tomorrow. It is raining and very cold here. I can't really function today and my blood sugar is a mess. I hope to see you all next weekened, instead, at the Sam's Town invitational tournament, and around Vegas. The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I've been playing a lot of low limit Omaha 8 online since I've gotten sick. I used to hate O8, because it's such a suck-out game, and to play against average players (loose-passive), you have to play super passive yourself, until you've got the virtual nuts at the river, or an almost unbeatable hand before that.

I hate playing so passively, check-check-check. It is too much like weakness. So I never cared much for Omaha 8.

Being sick, though, limits my options. Okay, if I can't go out and play, I can either watch movies, surf the web, play Nintendo, play some other online game, or play poker. Having run through the other options, I finally turned to online poker again, something I rarely do, and don't care for.

Now, as far as the online poker games go, I can play LHE pretty much by rote, but I'm sick of HE. I'll bet I've played 1000 HE tourneys in the past two years, and I just want a change. I can play Stud, but Stud takes a lot of work to play expertly, and when I'm sick, I just can't concentrate as well as when I'm 100%. Draw can be played by rote, but I've never liked Draw much, it just doesn't do anything for me, besides, I don't have Paradise on my PC, I'd have to use Glenn's, and I have the soft, Lazy-boy :)

Pineapple and TDL don't interest me much. Pineapple is a no-brainer, true, but there aren't many games, and once again, I don't have Paradise. TDL is just insane, the most luck-based accepted poker game being played today. Forget it, not to mention that I'm not a big Draw fan in the first place, like I've said before.

So that leaves Omaha 8. And you would think I would hate it, but for whatever reason, it comforts me when I'm sick. I don't have to put a player on a hand, because they play like they have no brain. They don't even know what hand they have most of the time, so how could I ever put them on a hand? Psychology goes right out of the window at those low limits.

I can sit and patiently play the nuts for hour after hour. I don't have to "work" to beat the game. I don't have to think about what the players might have, if I know I'm going to get some dough, I just play my own cards, and screw them. If I can get my money back on a nut hand (sometimes, even getting quartered you can make money, if you play it right, depending on the number of players in and your position), I just play it the way I feel will get the most in my stack. Simple, Zee strategy.

So for right now, I'm FeliciaLee online, and grinding it out at O8. If you see me, don't be hurt if I don't respond. I never have the chat enabled.

I will be happy to help out anyone who wants to deposit $25 and learn O8. You can IM me on Yahoo, MSN and sometimes AOL as fzdyer. Don't expect to be coddled and complimented, though, I'll just tell you what you need to know, what you are doing wrong and right. I will also play against you like I'd play against anyone. No softplaying, no colluding, you are no different from anyone else at the table. I would never discuss hands we are in together while they are being played. I'm not awesome at O8, but I can surely help out some fledgling players :)

I don't know why this game has started to soothe me, but it has. So I'll keep playing it. I don't think I'm going to get too hurt at .25/.50, even if I start to run really, really bad, lol.