Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Password Protected Websites?

Someone suggested that instead of deleting my website altogether, there might be a way to password protect my site, so that only people who can "stomach" my opinion will be able to read my journal daily.

Sean suggested something like Live Journal. I have not heard of any other service which will allow me to keep my readership limited. Is there one? I can't really find anything on Blogger.

It seems that even by turning off comments, I'm still getting a ton of flaming and anonymous hate mail. I even kept my e-mail address from being published here, but people still find it easily, anyway.

I began this journal in order to post my trip/tournament reports. Then I started actually using it as a real "poker diary" which included my innermost thoughts and feelings about poker related issues. This seems to bother some people, for whatever reason, and they cannot help writing up something off-color and disgusting to send to me.

So the days of the journal are coming to a close, I suspect. I will either relocate to a site which allows password protected readership, or I will keep my journal on my own hard drive, with no access to anyone save my own brain.