Thursday, December 16, 2004

Poker Derby at Hollywood Park

Just scratched another one off of my list. We called Hollywood Park about the Poker Derby coming up next month. As if 25% wasn't enough juice for them, they told us that they are charging another 3% in addition to the 25% rape of the players.

With 28% taken right off the top of the prize pool, no one wins.

To top if off, Glenn said they were very rude on the phone.

I know that some of you new players have no idea why 28% is such a bad thing, but please go back and research tournaments of old. Not only was juice usually not charged, but in many cases, cardrooms added substantial amounts to the prize pools, in order to draw players.

While I think there is abolutely nothing wrong with cardrooms taking advantage of the poker boom and charging juice, when the expectation of a festival is negative, it becomes outrageous. Charge something more reasonable. Heck, even charge something a little unreasonable (a la Foxwoods), but treat your customers like human beings. Treating your customers like rabid dogs, on top of 28% juice is wholly unacceptable, in my opinion.