Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Phil Ivey Lookalike?

Yanno, when I play poker, it is not how much I win or lose that makes me feel good about myself. It is how I played, and how I managed myself at the table. Sometimes little things make me feel really awesome, no matter what my results (I have never been results oriented, and perhaps that is lengthening my learning curve in poker right there, huh?).

The other day I was playing in an O8 game. Some guy from California was at our table. He was the only other decent player there, not seeing 100% of the flops, lol. Anyway, during one hand, he said to me, "Wow, you are really good!" I laughed and said, "Good, huh?" He said that I reminded him of Phil Ivey. I joked with him a bit and asked, "I'm a man?" He was fumbling, trying to explain himself so I took it even farther. "I'm a black man? Look at how pale my skin is! Sure, I may look like a man, but I was born with the female parts, I swear!" He was laughing along with me once he realized I understood what he was talking about, but was joking with him. Finally he said, "You are like him, your eyes, they are everywhere, all of the time, they don't miss much, do they?"

I just said, "Thank you."

Felicia :)