Wednesday, April 27, 2005

HORSE at Plaza

Yesterday I visited Nakamura. I asked her about playing in the HORSE tourney next Monday. She said that if I keep the drains sites covered (even if they have already healed over), she had no problem with my playing in the tourney.

She also asked if it was a two day event, as she thought I might be too weak to play for two days.

She gave me her blessing, as long as I promised to come back on Tuesday, May 3rd for her to look at the drain sites and make sure they aren't infected and are healing well. I was hoping to be released altogether, but I guess another visit or two won't kill me.

So if all goes as planned, I'll head up to Vegas on Sunday and play some HORSE sats. I might have to play a NLHE table, because they probably won't have a mob wanting to play HORSE sats for the next event, lol.

The turn-out has been so poor at the Plaza that it simply kills me. What a nightmare. I mean, Tanya and I did everything we could to encourage them. We pimped their festival everywhere, from RGP to 2+2. Tanya had a personal relationship with Ben, trying everything to make them a success. Dan, our cardroom manager at the Palms, visited with Ben twice up in Vegas, trying to work out a deal to run sats for the many events. He was more than cooperative.

What did we receive in return? Unreturned phone calls. Unanswered e-mail. No TV contract. No lammers. Nothing. Ben just completely stopped corresponding with any of us.

And so much for his promise that the highest juice in any event would be 5%, and that he was negotiating 4%. Another lie, as you can plainly see at Cardplayer.

In this day and age, when everything poker is gold, Ben Magee managed to screw up a sure thing. What a pity! Then again, he did last year, like Kevin said, so why I expected any different is beyond me.

It's almost like Ben is really working for the WPT or Harrah's, undercover, and was hired to sabotage anything that could keep poker strong downtown. It's just amazing that he could kill a good thing this badly.

Will it stop me from having my one last hurrah before chemo starts? No. Will it keep me distanced from people like Magee and Asmo who can manage to turn pocket aces into 72 offsuit? Yeah.

Felicia :)