Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Long Day

Today was a rough, rough day. We left for Phoenix around 9am, got there about 12:30pm, saw the doctor, had the drains removed (ohmygawd), and got back home about 5pm.

Removing the drains was really, really icky. It was a combination of just plain hurt, and that creepy, crawly feeling. Luckily Nakamura knows how horrible this is, so she does it fast, super fast, like one second per drain. Like ripping off a Band-aid.

It only hurt for a few seconds, and then it was already fading. Pain is a strange thing.

I am not sick, I just feel whipped from the trip. Long day.

At least I don't have the drains anymore. And I was able to take off that camisole. Can you imagine how dirty it was after wearing it for a week straight? Fluid was on each side where the drains had leaked. I hope I never see that camisole again, lol.

Felicia :)