Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Cancer Tournament

I got this notice from Easycure and am reposting it here. I don't play on Full Tilt, so I won't be in the tourney. I know this sounds crazy (and I am), but I can't stand the colors, I get a huge headache while playing there. I put the background to "midnight" and turned off avatars, but the circus thing makes my head pound.

For a while, Glenn played there under my name, but he didn't like it, so we withdrew our money and deleted the software.

I am advertising it for EC because of the cause, but I won't be there. I'd rather just donate independently.

Here is the info:

What: Hammer Out Cancer - WPBT-POY Circuit Event
(Tournament ID 3381723 under the Private section.)
When: April 16th - Sunday
Time: 9pm EST
Where: Full Tilt Poker
How Much: $10 + $16
($15 goes to American Cancer Society so buy-in is 25+1)
Password: dahammer