Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not Much of an Update

I have absolutely no desire to write lately. It's not writers block. I'm not desperately trying to write, yet can't. I'm not stuck on a subject. I'm not losing at the tables. I just have no desire.

Of late, these are the things happening in my world:

1) Gardening (I like it more than I thought I would; I'm turning my black thumb green)
2) Online O8 (still grinding out those nutpeddler, paltry wins)
3) Two Plus Two (a little shake-up last week, but it's ironing itself out)

My friend Max Pescatori is tearing it up at Bellagio. He has been MIA in Italy for most of a month, but he is back now, and with a vengeance.

I could go on and on and on about why I love this guy so much, but you've read it all before (and if you are new, you can read from the beginning to catch up).

I don't throw around the word "love" very much (I really should have been a guy), but if there was ever a great person on this earth, he is Max. No matter how much tragedy he sees in his life, he just keeps bouncing back like a cork.

If you haven't been to his website, and haven't contacted him to congratulate him on his 7th place finish in Bellagio's 5k event, go do it. He would love to hear from you. Go Max!

So since I can't seem to think of any adequate thing to write about, maybe I'll do the cop-out and paste some of my Two Plus Two posts here for your reading pleasure.


Felicia :)