Sunday, April 09, 2006


So, in fairness, since Felicia has been telling about my Glennie-isms, she wanted to me guest post one where I got her :)

(BTW, I hope you all know that she has a tendency to.. "embellish", shall we say?)

Anyway, we're traveling somewhere, and she loves to snack, so we had some Pringles. The one thing about Pringles, though, is that all the flavor is usually just on one side, and the other is just plain chip. To make sure I get the max flav from each chip, I'll lick the side with the flavor first :D That's what I like. That's just what I do.

For a change, Felicia is driving, and, just as I finished licking one of the chips, she asks me for one. Yup, I gave her the one I just licked :))

Seemed right at the time. You should have seen her face! Hehe.