Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Can I get an Eco-Friendly Car?

God, we are running so well that I almost hate to write about it. It's a double edged sword. If I continue to write that we are running well, regardless of the fact that I know we are on heaters, people will jump to the conclusion that I am only writing fluff reports of our play and glossing over the bad days. Even though I posted about Glenn getting bubbled on Sunday night by a runner-runner one card straight flush after flopping the nut flush.

Also, writing about it might turn off the magic ;)


Okay, so Glenn won the RS tournament AGAIN last night. Jeez, louise, this kid can do no wrong. Regardless of the fact that we started out not too far apart in chips at the final table (he had 31k, I had 28k), he managed to win, I only managed 5th. I'm not complaining.

Before the tourney, I had to sit in the $2-6 spread limit HE. I usually hate this game, but there were some funny characters at the table, and I made about $60 rapidly due to a couple of hot hands (pocket queens held up as well as turning a straight in the free BB).

After the tourney, we got a 4/8 full kill game going again and I doubled up quickly, but then only managed to cash out about $25 ahead.

In one tournament hand, I had T9s. There was a large PFR in front of me so I mucked. I would have flopped the straight flush draw. There were two all-in's, so I got to see my virtual hand, and I would have turned a SF.

In one 4/8 hand, I had T9s on the button. A liberal raiser to my right raised the pot, I overcalled after several limpers. I flopped the nut straight draw, and made my straight on the river. He paid me off, exclaiming he never, ever would have thought I'd play that hand. My recent looseness is still astounding regulars! I hope it lasts a while longer.

I think I'm going to keep a running total of my net winnings towards the new car here. It should be fun, and definitely will keep me accountable.

Last night:

$60 ($2-6 spread HE)
$35 (Net Tournament Winnings)
$25 (4/8 kill HE)
=120 Net winnings for Tuesday, August 15, 2006

(Total saved for new car pre-August 15 $2500. Current total $2620)

Not including Glenn's wins. It's up to him if he wants to publish this or not.

Felicia :)