Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bad Beat Hell!

Everyone wants me to update. But what if I have nothing to say? I'd rather not post at all then post something lame like a billion other poker bloggers. Yes, if you are a poker blogger, you probably suck, I'll just say it.

Ken mentioned that when all else fails, I always have Glenn and his antics to fall back on. Making fun of Glenn is a sure thing.

I wrote about Glenn paying me to listen to his bad beat stories. I should have kept my mouth shut (or fingers, as the case may be), because that opened a whole can of worms in his mind.

Now, not only is he telling me his bad beat stories, but he is insisting that I listen to his VIRTUAL bad beat stories!

He comes into the room, or IM's me...

"Boy, am I glad I folded that hand pre-flop! If I would have played, I would have flopped a straight, and then some guy would have..."

Oy vey! I need a cruise!

Speaking of cruises. Glenn is going to deal on the December CardPlayer cruise again this year. Thankfully, they have dropped Carnival, and the ship will be Holland's Oosterdam. Yay! I love Holland.

There are still spaces available if you are interested. It is Dec 2-9 out of San Diego (round-trip). It's cheap and fun, easy-peasy.

Come join us. I promise to get some non-HE games going every day. Stud, Stud 8, Omaha 8, etc. Probably a HORSE or other type mixed game.

That is all, nothing to see here. Move along!

Felicia :)