Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Washington Law FYI

I rarely talk politics here. Even when the politics have to do with poker. There are so many, well educated people who can say it a billion times better than me.

Plus I just really am not very interested. I don't have a passion for politics.

But I have finally decided to speak up on one subject regarding poker. And one subject only. And the only reason I'm speaking is because weeks after the law was passed and activated, people who should know better are still spouting lies.

The law in Washington was proposed, backed and supported by DEMOCRATS. Yes, liberals. Yes, left-wing. Yes, the tree hugging hippies singing Kumbaya. Yes, your "own people" turned on you.

No, it has nothing to do with politics, obviously. Online horse betting is allowed. Online lotto is allowed. There is an Indian or B&M casinos on every corner. But suddenly, something that the state doesn't benefit from is illegal, and even a felony.

This is not about political sides. This is about money. Don't be a moron, do some research before you keep spouting off on 2+2, RGP and on your blog that the "right wing, ultra conservative, religious majority, born-again Christians" are once again taking away your freedoms.

Do you really think the congregation at my little, rural church has that much power??? That we ware sitting around plotting to "get you?" Put prohibition back on the law books? Tell you that you can't play poker because it's a sin and you're going to hell?

Um, no. Maybe a hundred years ago conservatives wielded that kind of power. These days it just isn't so. The tables have turned and it's the conservatives who are getting told what they can and cannot say/do in public with regards to religion.

I could post a ton of links to convince you guys that the dems are riding this baby, but you would probably just accuse me of purposely posting links that were lies. The truth is everywhere. It is the subject that everyone is discussing on RGP, 2+2 and sites all over the Internet. So do the research for yourself. It doesn't have anything to do with liberal vs. conservative. It is all about the MONEY.