Thursday, April 28, 2005

Seattle John

I'm up to just under 200 poker blogs on Bloglines. I'm simply shocked. I know, I keep harping on this one thing over and over again, but I can't help it. The quality of some of these writers is outstanding.

I can't remember who sent me the link to Bloglines, so that I could establish a subscription, but whomever it was, thank you!

Here is someone I've been reading for a while, but was too lazy to link up:

John is a serious player, like me, and not just playing for "fun." Those are usually the blogs I like best. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a recreational player, I simply have less in common with recreational players than serious players.

John often writes about his friend, Aaron, who plays some of the highest stakes. Having a "sub-character" in a blog breaks up some of the monotony and makes a blog unique.

Great site, John!

Felicia :)