Sunday, June 19, 2005


Well, I was delayed in going back to Rio after all.

I was packing and getting everything ready to head up to Vegas. Glenn was in the garage working on a solar shade project he has been doing since the winter. Solar shades are very expensive out here. Having them built to fit, then installed is usually about 2k per house.

Anyway, suddenly Glenn came screaming through the house. He'd cut into his hand with a hacksaw.

So our trip has been put off. He wants to wait until Tuesday morning so that he can drive me up and actually stay with me, to make sure I don't get too sick, being there alone.

Although many kind people have offered to watch over me, they too, are going to be busy and have no idea what it's like to make sure a diabetic doesn't just keel over at the table, lol.

With the diabetes, cancer and all of the other things going on in my life, Glenn doesn't feel comfortable leaving me overnight anymore. I can't blame him, and hey, what an incredible husband to be that concerned! I'm blessed.

So we'll get on the road Tuesday morning, as soon as Glenn wakes up (he has to work overnight on Mondays).

Until then, I'll continue with my heros stories, and if anyone would like to contribute to get the top names to call Charlie, please write me at fzdyer @ and I will give you the information.

Felicia :)