Thursday, April 28, 2005

FTP Horse

For a few weeks, we were having a private 2+2 HORSE tourney over on Full Tilt. I came up with the idea (having stolen it from RGP) and initiated contact with Perry, but another 2+2er was overseeing the tourney, and giving out the password.

The other poster kind of drifted away a bit. I'm not sure he was ever that interested to begin with, I think he was just trying to be nice to me, knowing I was about to go into surgery and then chemo. Since no one else stepped up to the plate, he offered to take it over for me.

We were supposed to be beta testers for FTP. They supposedly wanted our opinion on the HORSE tourneys before they made HORSE an open event for anyone to join. From the start, I think this was not completely honest.

After RGP held their private tourney, they had many complaints about the structure and the amount of chips we were given in conjunction with that structure. Instead of responding in a way befitting a business that is looking for honest feedback, Perry responded in a very defensive way, refusing to budge an inch, yet sounding almost insulted by the constructive criticism.

Despite my initial skepticism about Perry's (lack of) customer support, I went on with plans for private tourneys for the poker bloggers and for 2+2. I was hoping someone besides Perry would be accessing the feedback, and that the sheer number of players requesting a better structure would convince FTP that their structure should be changed.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Perry has only become more defensive and hostile towards constructive criticism, and no one else at Full Tilt seems to be interested.

So I'm leaving the private tourney. I'm also probably going to cash out any remaining funds I have there, and get rid of the software. I'd rather give my 10% juice to a site that really listens to it's customers, or go where there are bigger fish.

It's too bad, because they are the only site offering Razz, and the only site with HORSE tourneys. Unfortunately, I'm just not interested enough in online poker to really care about a site that is so completely stubborn and unyielding.

Felicia :)