Saturday, April 30, 2005

Want to be my Sex Slave?

Oops, wrong blog :)

My poker blog pick of the day is Andrew, A Slave to Variance. Andrew actually asked me to look at his blog during the last go-round, when I offered to be the inexperienced and highly subjective "world's greatest blog critic."

I added him immediately, since the current post was about Stud. He was an auto-add, as those posting about any Stud variation are guaranteed a read in my book. I forgot to link him, however, because of the shock of the cancer diagnosis, and my subsequent brain meltdown (I know, lots of you said I became insane long before the cancer came along).

Andrew prefers to post short, to the point poker entries. That gives him an A+ in my book! While I enjoy long, ramblings posts, medium posts and short posts, I give extra credit for those who can get to the point, if they are unable to engage me for long periods of time or if that is a good style for them. Andrew is able to get to the point, and does so, successfully.

Rather than solely post around one theme: "Here is what I played, and how I did," Andrew addresses a whole host of topics, which keep me interested and coming back for more. Andrew doesn't just assume that he is the best player in the world, and every loss is due to some horrific suck-out. He is candid about his play and his ability. He uses some self-degrading humor for both wins and losses, and keeps me entertained no matter what he is writing about, with little, witty one-liners.

So here you have it. Keep up the great work, Andrew, and I hope you win the series with your 4000 FPP's buy-in!

Felicia :)