Friday, July 02, 2004

Glenn's New Post

Don't miss Glenn's latest masterpiece. Oh, what a writing monster I have created, lol!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Laughlin News

On Friday Glenn and I met Dave. We went to Laughlin and ate at a Japanese restaurant. They needed to head up to Vegas to meet Dr. Al at Luxor, so we didn't get to play any poker.

Glenn and I decided to play a NLHE tourney. While we were playing we saw several people that we knew. One of them told me that Glen, the floorman at the Belle whom a dealer and I caught touching April, had been demoted to a dealer's position.

I guess some of that crap he was always flinging around finally came back to rest on him.

One 2+2er told me that he visited the Belle just to see what it was like after everything I'd reported in the last year. He saw Glen and asked him about me. He said Glen got so hostile he was afraid Glen was going to punch him.

Once MGM takes over the Belle, they couldn't go very wrong if they fired James and Glen on the spot, then worked down from there. Banning someone for reporting sexual harrassment is proof alone that something is rotten in Denmark.