Thursday, August 18, 2005


Glenn just booked a cruise for us. It is leaving from San Diego on October 18th. It is actually, for me, two vacations in one, because one of the places I've longed to visit for years is the Copper Canyon.

This is kind of an experiment for the cruise lines, which have never stopped before in that area. So a bonus for us, being that we got the cruise for about 75% off.

How does this tie into poker? Well, we should be able to visit LA on our way to San Diego and/or on our way back home. I hope to play at Commerce and maybe even at the Bike. Cash games are my friend again, and no one has juicier games than Commerce.

Maybe someone can organize an LA poker blogger get together? That would be fun.

Felicia :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More Omaha Stuff

I'm still enjoying my reading at 2+2.

I haven't felt up to playing during the last couple of days, but I am still reading everything I can get my hands on.

Chris asked for some links and I gave them to him, but I have never posted them here. If anyone else is interested, here ya go.

I was going to go through a site and critique it. It was on my "list" of upcoming posts. Before I could do so, the site was taken down, and has been unavailable since that time. I really wanted a chance to expose some of the mistakes I found there:

Oh, well.

Felicia :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

More Ranting

Heather wants me to post some rants about specific bloggers, kind of fake mixed with real ones at the same time. Like: "Heather, ever think about actually folding a PLO8 hand pre-flop?"


"Chad, why do you even bother to try to talk?"

Mixed with fake ones like:

"Bad Blood, why do you pick your nose all of the time while playing online poker?"
Hmmm, I don't think that is my bag. I hate people enough without trying to make up fake reasons to hate them more.

Anyway, since I deleted a whole bunch of blogs, I'm going to add some that I've been reading and enjoying for a while.

Please guys, don't disappoint me! Keep these blogs at least halfway readable!

Human Head
Matt Matros

If you think your poker blog should be included (and it really is mostly about poker), then feel free to contact me and see if I will add you. But don't be a wuss and be all hurt if I tell you that your blog sucks, because most of them do (including this one), and if I don't personally get off on it, I won't add you.

Felicia :)

Does Your Blog Suck as Much as Mine?

I'm really sick of reading blogs. I have about 250 now on Bloglines, and when my head was all muddy and full of chemo and drugs, I didn't mind reading all kinds of poker blogs every day.

From the beginnings of my own poker journal, I have said that it is one of the worst on the web. I have many reasons for stating this. Some of it has to do with my unwillingness to be even fractionally PC and kind. I don't talk about others, I don't sing Kumbaya, I won't rock the readers to sleep.

What I do write about is usually my own experiences, the corruption of the poker world, and how much I hate everyone. So not a hot combination. And obviously others think so, too, since some of the worst, most horrifically boring and stupid poker blogs have many dozens or even hundreds of subscribers on Bloglines, and mine only has about 25 at any given time.

I remember reading one blog last week where a player talked about how terrible others played, and how surprised he was when he lost. His hand histories showed some of the most pathetic poker I've ever seen. How anyone would think they are a favorite when they are such a fish is beyond me.

Most of the poker blogs I read are written by recreational players. There is nothing wrong with this. Shoot, I guess in the loosest definition of the term, I'm a recreational player myself. But I take poker very seriously. So when I say "recreational," I guess I'm defining it as someone who is playing for laughs. They think they are cute and funny. I don't. There is nothing wrong with playing for fun, but I just don't care to read about it. Not my bag. Sort of like how my blog is probably not readable to many.

I think I'm going to go through Bloglines and delete most of the blogs. I'm sick of reading them. The things that annoy me the most are poker bloggers who are just, plain boring, think poker is a joke, put down other players, post horrible advice or information, post hand histories, post bad beat stories, whine about their luck (or lack thereof), steal my ideas, ask for help and then don't respond, cry about their losing sessions and then won't listen to advice or think only NLHE is poker.

Felicia :)