Monday, April 16, 2007

Go Away

Well, I think this journal is finished. I can't even force myself to post updates anymore. Like I said above, the site will remain for it's archives, but it is dormant.

I am busy with Two Plus Two, which has always been home, whereas this has been my prison.

I am not a "blogger" and never have been. I don't like poker bloggers, never did. They are weak and want to be humored. They sing Kumbaya and expect me to hold their hand. I am not one of you. Please go away.

Take me off of your bookmarks. Take me out of your links. I am not coming back.

If you want to live in the real world, come to Two Plus Two. If not, just keep clicking on these so-called "poker" journals, lol.

Let this horrible site die in peace.