Saturday, April 03, 2004

Latest Update on Banning from the Belle

I have been extremely fortunate today.

Unbeknownst to me, someone from the Internet was at my table that night at the Belle. He witnessed the entire attack, from beginning to end. He has written to me. Naturally, his testimony will be sent to Mandalay Bay Resorts.

Here is a copy of that testimony (it was published publicly on another site by him):


I feel that Glen the floorman's behavior Monday night was completely

inappropriate. I am sure many of the players were as shocked as I was

to see him stomping around and yelling at you. I am fairly new to

poker rooms and did not know how to react. I know there were many

other new players in the tourney that night. I wouldn't say you made a

fool of yourself. Glen is the one who made a fool of himself. There

were many new players at the table and JVs mistakes were affecting the

play and causing confusion. I appreciate your speaking up and helping

me and the other players to be more alert and aware.

Your journal has created quite a buzz about the Colorado Belle's poker

room; which is why I was in the tournament to start with. My wife and

I enjoyed a three night stay in the hotel and found the service and

the staff to be very good overall. I found most of the poker room

staff and dealers to be very professional, pleasant and helpful. Glen

was the only exception. Glen's poor behavior should not be tolerated

by the Colorado Belle.

Just my 2 cents.

Saturday Ramblings

See Glenn's latest journal entry. Welcome to the world of poker journals, Glenn! Please bookmark his site (no, I can't figure out how to change the photo!).

I played a Stud tourney on Thursday. Some members of 2+2 have been having a monthly tournament called King of the Zoo. I played in a couple of these last year, when I was still on the east coast and didn't play live as often. I have requested the hand history and will write a story about it soon.

Rumor has it that Binion's is spreading satellites for WSOP events now. Glenn and I might drive up and play some Sats for minor WSOP events ($1500 Stud, $2000 O8, etc). Is anyone going to be in town? E-mail me if you want to meet up!

Friday, April 02, 2004


The latest news is that I have been banned from the Belle.

It seems that my public journal has sealed my fate, they don't want the bad publicity.

More on this later.


A lot of people have been asking me, in the last 24 hours, why I think I was banned. After mulling over the telephone conversation with James in my head many times, I have come to believe I have a pretty good answer.

A few days ago, when Glen attacked me in the cardroom, I wrote about it. I was very candid about the part I played in the episode, as well. One of the things I stated in that writing, was that, "Glenn and I have been covering for Glen for a long time." I refused to do that any longer. I wrote about many incidents that have happened with Glen over the last eight months.

One of those incidents happened to be a time he touched an employee who is on probation and is very passive. At the time this happened, I was grossing out. The dealer at my table and I saw it, and started discussing it. We both thought it was inappropriate. The dealer never reported the incident. I talked to April about it, but I never told anyone else except Glenn.

I should have reported it immediately, I guess. But like Glenn says, no matter how many times we reported things over the last eight months, NOTHING was ever done. Not once. Nothing. I mean zip. It gets old to constantly report things, and be pooh-poohed away. It takes time, energy. It boggles the mind. Pretty soon, we become desensitized. That is kind of what happened in this situation. I saw Glen touching her hips and torso, and I just said, "Ewww, gross!" Both on the inside and the outside.

Getting back to the topic at hand, however, I have come to the conclusion that this is what got me banned from the Colorado Belle. Over and over again, James talked about the "touching" incident I had failed to report. Naturally he said nothing about the failure of his own EMPLOYEES to report this incident. Naturally he said nothing about the fact that the dealer and I, Steve G., were talking about this AS it was occuring. Naturally he said nothing about the fact that I counseled April about this incident after it happened. He just kept saying that by not reporting it, it must not be true, and that I must be "vindictive" to make up such a story. He kept reiterating how serious sexual misconduct is in the workplace.

Then, he was very insistent that anyone who was at the Belle the night that Glen attacked me, and came to my defense, would not be allowed to make a written statement. Their testimony would not be heard. It would be deemed null and void, due to the fact that they might have been "angry" at the way that JV was dealing and messing up hand after hand, so their testimony would be skewed.

Those two things he said over and over again keep sticking out in my mind. Of course they don't want any written testimony of Glen's attack of me. They don't want to hear anything further negative said about Glen. They have to investigate the "touching" issue, or so James told me, so why in the world would they want any other written testimony that Glen has been out of line on other occasions? That would damage him even further.

Someone on UPF who knows the corporate brass at Mandalay Bay Properties told me that he agrees. He feels the sole reason I was banned from the Belle was because in my journal I wrote about the "touching" incident. He says in these cases, "they might face significant reputational risk if the accuser is not silenced." Furthermore, he says, "if the ban is not lifted, it is completely attributed to your public accusation."

I believe he is correct.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Well, Glenn and I had our dinner with James. The good of it is, James seems to understand me, my sense of humor, my desire to do the right (ethical) thing in all situations. He actually "got" the crack joke, since JV is so obviously the opposite.

The bad of it is, James still thinks I was "harassing" one of his employees. Not only that, but several of the dealers seem to think I have it "out" for them, because of my journal, because of me joking with them during their downs. I was disappointed to learn that they thought this about me. Almost 100% of the time I'm just trying to give them a good laugh while they are working. I know how tedious dealing is, my Mom dealt for ten years and told me all of the stories.

Anyway, something ironic that happened right after we had dinner with James was that April twisted her ankle or stepped funny somehow. That set her into a slight wobble. Devra, another dealer, said, "April, how many times have I told you not to come to work drunk!" Everyone laughed.

Me joking with JV about crack was NOT a joke and pure harassment, so saith the demigods at the Belle. Devra shouting out about April coming to work drunk was a JOKE.

Apparently, what made JV make so many mistakes during his down was overhearing me say that he was a bad dealer. I made him nervous, and that is why he misdealt every hand. I had no idea he heard me in any conversation before his down. I was in the eight seat at table five, which is almost smack dab in the corner of the poker room, looking OUT at every other table. I never saw JV anywhere nearby. But supposedly, the tight player in the ten seat had been telling me about an experience he'd had at the Belle on Saturday night in the 10/20 game. He said, "I had the worst dealer I've ever had deal to me on Saturday night." He started to tell the story. I said, "Oh, that must have been JV!"

So JV was already "doomed" before he even entered the box.

Now, I would never purposely hurt someone's feelings right before they sit down and deal to me. Not because I have tact or that I'm a nice person, but because it would purely effect my bottom line. If he or she sits down and starts making mistakes, or making trouble with me because I said something that hurt his or her feelings, then I've suddenly reduced my EV.

But at any rate, even if I HAD purposely tried to cut someone down before they dealt to me, the fact of the matter is, they are supposed to be doing a job, and doing it well. They are not supposed to screw up every hand.

Put it this way. What if I went to a play, and I was sitting next to a friend with the program in hand, and I said to my friend, "Oh, I don't really care for this actress. She overacts in the wrong places and tries to upstage everyone." Now say the actress happened to be in the vicinity of my seat and overheard me. Would she go to management and have them get in my face, threatening me, pointing fingers? Would security come and threaten to kick me out of the play?

How about if a server in a restaurant messed up everything she did, and I said to my date, "I don't think I'll let this server wait on me again, I'll ask for someone else, she has messed up everything from the moment we sat down." If she happened to overhear me talking about her, do you think she would send the manager over to threaten me? Do you think they would say I was "harassing" their server and that I should be thrown out of the restaurant, and still have to pay for my uneaten meal?

Obviously neither of these situations would ever happen. The difference is that people who perform are used to criticism. People who are in customer service try to work hard for their tips and know that they aren't always doing their best. They know paying customers will complain, and perhaps even to management.

But the Belle is different. They are the most pampered dealers I've ever seen. Instead of this being a customer service issue, the whole thing has turned into "poor JV, he can't deal a hand, but it must be all the customer's fault." If there weren't customers sitting in front of him, giving him tips, he would probably be dealing perfectly, haha.

It is almost like the Belle is trying to swing the polar opposite direction as the Riverside. If a dealer gets punched in the jaw at the Riverside, and nothing is done, well, the Belle will overcompensate by demanding that you don't even say anything when a dealer messes up a hand (remember Glen telling me that we shouldn't even say anything when JV screws up, because that will make him nervous, and he might mess up even more?).

C'est la vie. I'm a grown person and I can take it.

Before the tourney, I was lucky enough to speak to several of the dealers who were dead spreading games. I told each of them that I have never felt anything but friendship for them, and that if I ever joked around with them, it was just that, a joke. I only wanted to get them to smile or diffuse a bad situation. Most of them understood. One of them asked me if it hurt to have to "apologize" to people. I told him that first off, I didn't "have" to apologize to anyone. Secondly, I wasn't really apologizing, but trying to explain my personality and the situation. Thirdly, I have absolutely no pride whatsoever, and have no problem apologizing when I'm wrong. I have every intention of apologizing to JV when I see him again. Apologizing for hurting his feelings, which I never intended to do. I'm not going to tell him he's not a bad dealer, he is. He sucks, he's the worst. But no, I have no problem apologizing when I'm wrong. I never have.

Anyway, tonight's tourney was the $110 NLHE. We only got 22 participants. I was on the "newbie" table again. We had a couple of experienced players, but most of them had never played in a tourney, or had played before, but had no idea what they were doing.

Once again, I started off on the wrong foot by getting every hand sucked out on, either on the turn or the river. I was down to about 600 chips in no time flat. Then I stole a pot, then I won another, and was back up to 800 or so.

Ali was the first person out. He didn't even make it past the LHE portion of the tourney, lol. I couldn't believe he was gone, after all, he is the 'BEST poker player in the world, making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of our horrible playing every year.' He is a legend in his own mind.

I was moved to a very experienced table after the break. I only played one hand there. I was dealt A8s in the SB, it was passed to me, and I moved in, with only about 650 chips left. I stole the BB.

I went back to my original table, only to have to pay both blinds again immediately. Four hands in a row I was in the blind, grrr, which means I was getting short.

I went in with 88 and doubled up when someone called with K6o.

We were down to 12 when I was dealt A6o in the SB. We were shorthanded, it was passed to me. I shoved in, and the BB called with slightly more chips than I had, and A5o. We laughed it up, until he got a five on the river, then I stopped laughing, lol. No, seriously, it was a tossup, and he got the card he needed. He was a fun guy, we had been talking trash throughout the night.

Glenn did very well, but I don't want to spoil it. So go read Glenn's new journal and find out for yourself :)


Don't forget the PJK tourney again this Sunday, April 4, 2004 at Planet Poker. It is still NLHE, the same structure, the same buy-in. 9pm EDT/6pm PDT. Be there or be...I don't know...


Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Monday, March 29, 2004

I think I need a break from live poker. I've gotten to be like those people I hate most in cardrooms; cynical, sarcastic, jaded and grumpy.

I've never been the nicest person on the face of the earth. I am extremely blunt and have no tact whatsoever. So some of the dealers most likely hate me at the Belle. That is to be expected. I've heard some of the dealers complain about the nicest players in the cardroom. So since I don't have a "nice" bone in my body, I'm sure I have my share of whining dealers.

A Stud game was breaking up. I offered to sit in and keep it going until some of the seniors could get back from dinner. I don't mind doing this, because I love Stud, and the Belle wasn't taking a rake.

One of the daytime dealers, Mark, pushed into the box. He recently got his hair cut off, crewcut style like mine. I was teasing him about his hair. He tried to slick it back, but it is way too short to go back very easily, so instead it looked all wrong. I told him to let it stand up, he would look young and hip like me (this was all said in a joking way). My hair stands straight up, due to the shortness of it. He didn't take the teasing well at all, and ordered me to stop talking about his hair.

Jeez, I'm batting .1000 here (not). When the table started filling up, I simply walked away. Someone asked Mark if I was a prop as I was leaving, he sarcastically sneered that I was not a prop and something else derogatory about me under his breath. I know I'm not the most pleasant person in the cardroom, but why bite the hand that feeds you? Go figure.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse for the night, the NLHE tourney started. I was at a table with ALL tourists. Some experienced, most newbies. During the first hour (LHE), I got three Group One hands. All three cracked. The worst one was the first. I was dealt JJ. Another player and I raised and reraised, trying to get HU. He was clearly the most experienced player at the table. He was tight and aggressive. Anyway, one guy stayed in for the whole enchilada, four bets before the flop. I flopped a jack. The turn was a blank, the river was a third heart. The experienced guy had AK and mucked, the four-bet caller had 92s, to make a flush. Yes, he truly called four bets BTF with 92s. LOL.

The other beats were horrendous, both on the river, but not quite that horrendous. I had to rebuy twice.

JV is a dealer from the Phillipines who has been working at the Belle since Glenn and I moved to Arizona. If you played at the Belle, you would swear it was JV's first day dealing. He makes mistake after mistake. He is super slow and always acts confused.

One day in my journal I noted a hand that took 14 minutes to complete. Yep, you guessed it, JV was the dealer.

Anyway, in the last twenty minute level, JV pushed into the box. I groaned inwardly. I knew we'd see about seven hands, max, and all of them would be disasters. Sure enough, JV screwed up the very first hand, trying to move the button forward twice. The next hand he let the players play 10/20, instead of 20/40. The guy on my right got screwed and was starting to get a little steamed.

On the very next hand JV screwed up again and tried to force the players to play 40/80. This time both the guy on my right, and the experienced guy in the ten seat started getting angry at JV and objecting.

The next hand, JV skipped the woman in the four seat completely, she still had cards but hadn't called. The table started grumbling, got very tense and angry. Doug was called over, but usually by the time he got there, action had taken place after the mistake, and he was powerless to do much about it.

The problem with management at the Belle is that they are so easy on their staff, they pooh-pooh anything away. This guy should not be dealing. Period. He makes mistake after mistake, he never learns from these mistakes. Eight months after Glenn and I arrived at the Belle, he is still dealing worse than the newest dealers at the Belle. Some dealers do better on their very first day of dealing than JV.

Anyway, the table was hot. They were so mad and tense. I don't like these kinds of tables, plus I felt that JV was getting worse than ever by the way the table was reacting to him. So I sat and thought for a few seconds about something I could say to break the tension, get everyone laughing and relaxed again.

I blurted out, "JV, I don't know how many times I've told you to lay off that crack pipe!" The table burst out laughing. Even JV laughed. The table relaxed like before, we started chatting and everything was fine. Not long after that, we got our break before heading into NLHE. JV was pushed.

Towards the end of the break, Glen (the floorman) asked to see me outside. He told me that he was very upset because JV told him I'd accused him of being on drugs. I laughed and tried to tell him the joke. He wouldn't listen, he just kept talking over me. He insisted time and again that it was inappropriate, and that I should never purposely try to humiliate the dealers, and that I should have called the floor over every time he made a mistake. He went on to say that JV tends to compound mistakes, so we probably should have "just ignored the first mistake, so he wouldn't do it again." This shows you how much value he puts on poker players. 'Just throw your money away in order to make a dealer feel comfortable and good, no matter how bad he is.'

I admit that maybe my humor was a little lost on both Glen and JV. The funniest thing about the crack comment is that JV is so slow and mellow. He is extremely calm looking, sometimes falling asleep at the poker table while he is dealing. He is the exact opposite of someone on crack, from what I've heard. Somehow the table got the joke, but JV and Glen were completely lost.

I suppose I shouldn't have said it at all, but truly, I was just joking with the guy, trying to protect HIM from the angry players, and lighten the situation.

At any rate, Glen never let me get in a word edgewise (and believe me, I have a big mouth, it is very hard to out-talk me!).

We re-entered the poker room and I went back to my table. Some of the people at the table asked me what happened. I told them. They were incredulous, they were saying, "OMG, everyone knew you were joking! I can't believe they would pull you aside and chastize YOU, after how that dealer screwed up so badly and you were just trying to make HIM feel better."

Pretty soon the whole table was talking about it, in on it, appalled that *I'm* the one who got in trouble, not JV.

Before I could even turn around, Glen literally ran over to our table and got right in my face. He started pointing his finger at me and had his face in mine. His face was purple and he was screaming at me, "I told you to shut up! Shut up and sit down, do not talk about this in the poker room!"

It was clear that he was embarrassed and thought he was being made a fool of. Maybe he figured his authority was being usurped. He was screaming at me, he was telling me to shut up about it, now. I said he'd never told me outside that I "wasn't allowed" to discuss what happened, and the table asked me what happened. It's not against the law to tell them what had transpired outside. He screamed, "I was trying not to embarrass you! I was trying to keep it private, between us. You have no right to tell the table what happened out there!"

I started getting mad, too. I yelled, "You're not embarassing me, you're embarassing yourself! If you've got something to say to me, you can say it right here, right now. Don't go threatening me about 'sit down and shut up,' I don't have to SHUT UP!"

I cupped my hand over my crotch, "I've got balls, unlike some people I know, I can handle whatever you have to dish out. You want to start something with me, you start it here! You don't threaten me, you don't tell me what to do."

He got right in my face and screamed, "I'm telling you for the last time, sit down and shut up or you are out of here! I'm not refunding your tournament money either! You sit down and shut up about this NOW!"

Glenn was upstairs getting our cappuccino's, and I didn't know whether to just push Glen out of my face, keep going off on him, or back down. He was clearly a "big man," showing how he could use his position to bully me. Everyone was standing there just staring at us, in shock. One of the dealers was so freaked out she put her head on the table, over the box.

Knowing I could take the high road, get a hold of myself and act mature, while later being able to explain to James and the management of the Belle I chose to sit down. I kept lashing out at him, though, as he walked away. I just couldn't control myself. I lost my cool.

I don't behave well when people get in my face, start threatening me, trying to bully me, and pointing their finger right at my eyes.

The whole table got quiet for a minute, and then started whispering. "No matter what you need, we'll back you up. He was completely out of line. That should not be tolerated in a public place. We all knew you were joking, and he took it too far, trying to scare you into acting like a little girl and backing down."

Doug came over and the table started saying, "She was right, Doug, we'll be witnesses! She didn't do anything wrong! He just went ballistic on her!"

Doug said he couldn't get involved. He refused to even take their names.

Believe it or not, I played very well after this incident! I know, it's amazing. Most people would steam away their chips and be out of the tourney.

I went all-in not long afterward with AKs. A player with ATo called, I doubled through. I stole a few blinds with frequent raises. Several players were knocked out. Our table got short and was close to breaking up.

On the button, I was dealt AJs. I tried to go for the steal, raising to 1000. I had 1500 chips. Somehow the dealer thought I was all-in and said, "All-in for 1000." The solid player in the ten seat said, "I'll go all-in, too." He was in the BB.

I said, "Steve, I'm not all-in, I still have 500 chips!" I tried to stop him, I kept saying, "Stop, stop."

The player in the ten seat didn't understand that I still had chips and flipped over AA. I was given the opportunity to call or fold. I still had 500, so I folded.

After that, I figured I was living on borrowed time. Our table broke and I was sent to table one.

With only 300 chips, and the blinds about to change to 200/400, I had no time to waste. I kept shoving all-in.

I'm almost ashamed to talk about the hands I went all-in with. I had no chips, I couldn't even survive one blind. I think my first all-in was K9s UTG. Then I was in the BB the next hand, Cy raised it (which could mean anything), and I shoved the rest of my chips in with Q5o. The next hand I was the SB and Darryl went all-in with only 3 chips left with KQo. I had 74s and called the extra chips. He survived, but that was my last losing hand in a long while.

I took those two chips I had left (after calling Darryl's raise and losing), and built them up to over 8000 in chips, lol.

I figured I was living on borrowed time, and kept going all-in. Granted, I was getting a lot of good hot & cold hands in steal position, but still, I was playing very loosely. I got some amazingly lucky suckouts, but mostly I just stole pot after pot.

Soon we were down to the final table. I think I had about 4500 in chips at this point. I wasn't the chip lead, the solid guy at my first table had become the lead by the time we met up again. He told me he'd has AA three times in very short succession, and got action all three times.

A quiet, tight player from my first table was also nursing a ton of chips. He was one I needed to watch out for.

I managed to bully and bluff my way up to second chip lead. I had about 8500 in chips at one point, with the chip lead having about 10000. Then I blew it all by going over the top of the quiet, tight guy. I was in the BB, and when he raised 2x the BB, I figured he was just going for the steal. I looked down to see AKs, and went over the top. He called time and debated for about five minutes. I had him outchipped by about 2000 or so. He finally called and turned up pocket eights. They held up, and suddenly I was the shortstack.

I went all-in about ten hands in a row. I built myself back up to about 4500. We were down to five.

In the SB, I was dealt A6o. It was passed to me, and I went all-in again. The BB said, "I've had about enough of this. I call!" He had me slightly outchipped. He turned over J6o.

He flopped two pair and IGHN in 5th place.

I told Glenn what happened between Glen and myself on the way home. He was appalled. He was very angry and almost as upset as me.

Glenn and I have been covering for Glen for a long time. Most of the time, Glen was an easygoing, friendly guy. Yes, lazy, incredibly lazy, but usually calm and happy. He most definitely does not follow the rules for employees in the cardroom. I'm sure he is out of line way too often.

I have told stories of him refusing to start a 4/8 game with 20 players on the list,just out of pure laziness.

He also smokes. He is not supposed to smoke at the podium, but he is so lazy that he will take his cigarette up to the front, cupping it behind his back, just so he doesn't have to miss a puff. He will stand in the break area smoking sometimes, while the phone is ringing or several people are at the podium trying to get in a game or cash out. He will look down and try to pretend that they aren't there, so that he doesn't have to work.

One evening during a tournament, a dealer and I caught Glen doing something extremely inappropriate. I looked up at the podium, and April was standing at the monitor, trying to run the tourney. Glen stepped up behind her and pushed into her, like he was trying to do her from behind. Then he put his hands on her hips and started running them up and down her torso. She was stuck at the computer, and too stunned to do anything.

The dealer and I started grossing out. This is clearly sexual harrassment, yet she is way too introverted and passive to complain. Poor April, she says she is still on probation and doesn't want to get fired.

The rubbing incident was probably the worst thing I've seen Glen do, but these examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Glen. He knows that he can get away with quite a bit. He has worked there for 18 years or something, and knows he can run over James. James is way too easy on his employees.

So is there a happy ending to my tale? Well, now it is Tuesday morning, and James has already called the house. He was very apologetic about the whole incident, even only hearing Glen's side of the tale, which I'm sure was skewed to put Glen in the best light. The most amazing thing? He didn't seem surprised at all when I told him about Glen going off on me, or threatening me. Not surprised in the way that leads me to believe this has happened before.

James is going to take us to dinner at the Belle before the tourney. He wants to hear my side of things. I was already apologetic about losing my cool. I'm very ashamed of that. That was my fault, and I shouldn't have let it happen. Let Glen look like a fool, why should I?

So I'll continue this tale when the last of it is over. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Sunday, March 28, 2004

I had a fantastic time at Planet in the PJK tourney.

Yes, I was the first knocked out. Yes, I'd probably do it again, lol. My strategy differs from a lot of players, in that I like to double up quickly, so that I have chips to sit on if I get cold cards. I hate sitting around and getting blinded off to dust. I am an all-in or fold player, as I have written about many times in my journal. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. I don't whine or complain when it doesn't, I just go to the rail and cheer on the other players. That is my style :)

I was seated to Roy Cooke's left before the tourney, and Maudie's right. I had a great position. Unfortunately, I figured we were going to be moved, and we were. We were moved in a lightening flash, and the game started before we could become oriented to our new table. Now Roy wasn't even at my table!

My first hand was UTG, 86o. I folded. My second hand was QQ in the BB. Gpoker raised double the BB. There were two other callers. I didn't want to see a flop, so I went over the top. Only Gpoker called, and my QQ met up with AA.

So I sat around and sweated the tables, cheering on players picked at random, and Gpoker as my favorites.

I had a fantastic time. I think the blind structure and prize pool payouts were very good for our tourney. The tourney went fast, but not because of the blinds, more because we somehow had a group of very fast players this tourney. No one was sitting around, there were lots of moves being made.

In the end, Gpoker won the whole thing. He was volleying back and forth with British writer EOS, who has a lot more experience than him. I thought EOS would take it, as he was clearly making moves that Gpoker had a hard time defending against. EOS's experience was showing. Then EOS lost a big pot against Gpoker and doubled him up. Then, in a strage stroke of fate, both players made flushes, but Gpoker had the higher flush. They both got all-in, and that was the end.

Roy was very courteous and a great sport. He let players rib him about the clunky Planet software. He took it very well, and agreed that they need new software stat (well, three years ago, but whatever).

I was very pleased at the way Planet handled this tourney. They were extremely diligent and ever ready, even at the end of the registration period, to accomodate last minute arrivals. That was not to be expected, as players were supposed to pre-register, not come in at the last minute.

In fact, players were mailing me within five minutes of the start of the tourney, trying to get in! I have been ranting about the pre-registration process since we made the agreement with Planet, so I am pretty surprised that players truly still thought they could just pop in five minutes before the tourney started.

One outside player slipped through the cracks. I have no idea how he got in our tourney, since there was never any open registration, but there ya go! Some kind of glitch in the software, I guess. No one else was allowed in. Strange!

Although Planet doesn't have the greatest software, I still think this is the best thing going for us, right now, on a weekly basis. They are willing to work with us, let us set up the structure, prize pool, etc. We can change games, as Hank wants a HU tourney sometime in the future. We can play Stud, Draw, Omaha 8, whatever!

Great show, guys!

Tournament Information

28 Mar 2004
9:00 PM ETPJK Tourney(Private)$19.00+$1.002521The Tournament is Completed - Results Posted
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Congratulations To : gpoker , Our Tournament Winner!

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1 gpoker  $199.50
2 EOS  $99.75
3 Mean_Gene  $59.85
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6 Antifuse  $0.00
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14 hdouble  $0.00
15 oysifly  $0.00
16 Iceyburnz  $0.00
17 nevins  $0.00
18 stinkypant  $0.00
19 DontPokeMe  $0.00
20 AlCantHang  $0.00
21 DOMIT  $0.00

Sunday, March 28, 2004


Has anyone heard from Ani (Sean)?

He signed up for the PJK tourney last week, then withdrew without an explanation. His website wasn't updated all week.

Today, his website errored when I went to it, and said it had been taken down.

He has not been on Yahoo for a week. Does anyone know what happened?