Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Last Friday we went to the Wynn.

Our dog has a throat issue that keeps cropping up. The good news is that throat specialist (who travels around the world, but has an office in Vegas) has released him for good, barring any unforeseen problems in the future. The bad news is that this is going to persist for the rest of his life (could be another ten to fifteen years, since Yorkie's live so long) and there is nothing more they can really do. Even more annoying, to me, is that I caused the throat problem, and that will be on my conscience for the rest of my life. At any rate, he is happy and has a good life. His quality of life is still very high, he is the happiest dog I've ever seen. He is like me, he loves "his" people (me, Glenn, my parents, the other two dogs) but hates everyone else, lol.

Okay, so what does this have to do with poker, and the Wynn? Well, since our dog was in surgery and recovery (we didn't leave the clinic until he was fine), we decided to check out the Wynn.

We'd never been before, but had heard many good things (and some bad things, but there are always those group of people who can't find anything good to say, and then there are some legitimate gripes, of course, I'm sure). Anyway, we decided it sounded good enough to check out.

There were supposedly some 2+2er's who were going to be there, and going to donk it up and have a good time. Although my pics are posted on 2+2, and everyone knows who I am, not even one of them took the time to "bother" to say hi to Glenn or me. They got together, they had dinner, they talked and drank and donked it up, but couldn't be bothered to even say hi to me. And that is what I have experienced from juvenile 2+2er's who do a meet & greet in Vegas...they will NOT, under any circumstances, condescend to include me whatsoever. Part of it is that I'm a female, part is that I'm older than them, and part of it is that they want to drink, have a good time, act like boys and talk about strippers & hookers. Believe it or not, I understand this. I am more like a guy than a girl, in many respects, and I "get it." This doesn't really offend me, but I have to yell and scream at them, anyway, after the deed is said and done, because they aren't polite enough to even give me a quick, "Howdy," when they see me in a cardroom.

EDIT: Guess I should have made this more clear. This is NOT the magoo-fest that Dave Adams organized, or the more formal get togethers among the older members of 2+2. I have been invited to, and attended those events. I am talking about the informal meets & greets of more juvenile members. This one just happened to take place at the Wynn on Friday, the day before the "formal" magoo-fest on Saturday at MGM.

Okay, so enough of my ranting (this has been a pet peeve of mine for many years on 2+2). We went to Wynn and we played.

Wynn reminds me a lot of Bellagio. Not the attitude, thank God, but the room itself. A lot of the same players, many of the same dealers, and the atmosphere.

Fortunately, Wynn has decided to spread mixed games lower than the standard Bellagio 40/80. They had a 10/20 mixed. It was not dealer's choice, but a forced rotation. They were still tweaking it, as far as ante's and bring-in's. The rake was maxed at $4 and there was no BBJ drop. We played eight-handed except for TDL.

The players were some of the worst I've ever seen. It was definitely the juciest mixed game I've ever played.

When I first sat down, a fish in the six seat kept saying to me, "Sir, Sir..." After about the third time, I finally turned to him and said, "First off, I'm not a man, I'm a woman! Now what do you want?" Of course, I had no idea he was such a fish at the time, or I may have been more polite. In the end, though, it didn't matter, and he ended up broke anyway.

Due to hitting everything, and the plethora of bad players, I quickly zoomed up $500. Later I started getting confused, misread the board in O8, got outdrawn a couple of times, and ended up back to even for the night. I should have left when I first misread the board in O8, but Glenn was in a juicy 2/5 NLHE game where a fish had about 10-15k on the table, and didn't want to leave. I don't blame him, but I simply am not strong enough to play 8, 10, 12 hour shifts anymore.

At any rate, I had a lot of fun, and I saw some old tourney friends. Barny Boatman had just arrived for the TOC event. Huck Seed was playing the Friday night tourney, as well as a few lesser known pros that I've made friends with.

The games we played were the following: Stud, Stud 8, Razz, Omaha 8, Crazy Pineapple 8 and TDL (2-7). They said, until recently, LHE had been in the mix, but "no one wanted to play HE." What a switcharoo, huh? LOL ;)

So if you're in town, and if you have some interest, this is the game for you! Very low variance, lots of fun. Super weak competition. Wish I could go play every day!

Felicia :)