Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Cancer Tournament

I got this notice from Easycure and am reposting it here. I don't play on Full Tilt, so I won't be in the tourney. I know this sounds crazy (and I am), but I can't stand the colors, I get a huge headache while playing there. I put the background to "midnight" and turned off avatars, but the circus thing makes my head pound.

For a while, Glenn played there under my name, but he didn't like it, so we withdrew our money and deleted the software.

I am advertising it for EC because of the cause, but I won't be there. I'd rather just donate independently.

Here is the info:

What: Hammer Out Cancer - WPBT-POY Circuit Event
(Tournament ID 3381723 under the Private section.)
When: April 16th - Sunday
Time: 9pm EST
Where: Full Tilt Poker
How Much: $10 + $16
($15 goes to American Cancer Society so buy-in is 25+1)
Password: dahammer

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Puggy Pearson.

So I guess everyone already knows by now about Puggy Pearson.

Unlike many, I don't have any "bad" Puggy stories, and I won't repeat idle gossip.

I've played against him twice. The last time was just a couple of months ago at Bellagio. This time he thought I was a guy. I joked with him about how now that I had my boobs cut off, I can see why he would logically jump to that assumption, especially since that is the only place he looks at a woman, lol.

Ah, well. I'm glad I didn't have to suffer his abuse, and I apologize for him to all of the dealers who did.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Personality & Poker (From 2+2)

Recently someone else took up the Jungian & Poker gauntlet on Two Plus Two.

Once again, INTJ came out on top, even though it is the most rare personality type. Once again, I'm not sure how much of it is fudged results (everyone wanting to jump on the INTJ bandwagon), and how much of it is truly that we INTJ's are more prevalent online and in poker circles.

Here are some numbers if you are into that:

INTJ: 25 total of 82 (30.5%)
INTP: 10 of 82 (12.2%)
ENTP: 8 of 82 (9.8%)
ISTJ: 6 of 82 (7.3%)
ENTJ: 5 of 82 (6.1%)
ENFJ: 5 of 82 (6.1%)
ISTP: 4 of 82 (4.9%)
ENFP: 4 of 82 (4.9%)
INFJ: 3 of 82 (3.7%)
INFP: 3 of 82 (3.7%)
ISFP: 3 of 82 (3.7%)
ESFJ: 3 of 82 (3.7%)
ESTP: 2 of 82 (2.4%)
ISFJ: 1 of 82 (1.2%)
ESTJ: 1 of 82 (1.2%)
ESFP: 0 of 82 (0%)

FWIW, this time the original poll and post by a Two Plus Two psychologist stating that INT- personalities are more likely to be winning poker players was not mentioned, nor alluded to. His study was not cited in any of the original posts, and it has been about two years since his first interest in the subject.

Not Much of an Update

I have absolutely no desire to write lately. It's not writers block. I'm not desperately trying to write, yet can't. I'm not stuck on a subject. I'm not losing at the tables. I just have no desire.

Of late, these are the things happening in my world:

1) Gardening (I like it more than I thought I would; I'm turning my black thumb green)
2) Online O8 (still grinding out those nutpeddler, paltry wins)
3) Two Plus Two (a little shake-up last week, but it's ironing itself out)

My friend Max Pescatori is tearing it up at Bellagio. He has been MIA in Italy for most of a month, but he is back now, and with a vengeance.

I could go on and on and on about why I love this guy so much, but you've read it all before (and if you are new, you can read from the beginning to catch up).

I don't throw around the word "love" very much (I really should have been a guy), but if there was ever a great person on this earth, he is Max. No matter how much tragedy he sees in his life, he just keeps bouncing back like a cork.

If you haven't been to his website, and haven't contacted him to congratulate him on his 7th place finish in Bellagio's 5k event, go do it. He would love to hear from you. Go Max!

So since I can't seem to think of any adequate thing to write about, maybe I'll do the cop-out and paste some of my Two Plus Two posts here for your reading pleasure.


Felicia :)

Sunday, April 09, 2006


So, in fairness, since Felicia has been telling about my Glennie-isms, she wanted to me guest post one where I got her :)

(BTW, I hope you all know that she has a tendency to.. "embellish", shall we say?)

Anyway, we're traveling somewhere, and she loves to snack, so we had some Pringles. The one thing about Pringles, though, is that all the flavor is usually just on one side, and the other is just plain chip. To make sure I get the max flav from each chip, I'll lick the side with the flavor first :D That's what I like. That's just what I do.

For a change, Felicia is driving, and, just as I finished licking one of the chips, she asks me for one. Yup, I gave her the one I just licked :))

Seemed right at the time. You should have seen her face! Hehe.