Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday Night Stats

Last night:

+$50 (4/8 Kill HE)
-$80 (2-6 HE Kill)
-$10 (NLHE Freeroll Dealers add-on)
=-40 Net winnings for Wednesday, September 13, 2006

(Total saved for new car pre-August 15 $2500. Current total $2005)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More Riverside Hilarity

I often talk about the Orleans, and how the locals there sometimes make up their own odds and spout them during or after big hands.

This is something that often happens at Riverside, too. They don't do it quite the same way, but they still come up with some crazy odds and statistics.

One day Glenn and I were playing in the 2-6 HE game. A local raised, another local either cold called or re-raised. The local had AK, the lone opponent had QQ. The flop came down with an ace and the local bet the maximum ($6).
pokenum -h ac kc - qc qd -- ad 3s 6h
Holdem Hi: 990 enumerated boards containing 3s Ad 6h
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
Ac Kc 903 91.21 87 8.79 0 0.00 0.912
Qc Qd 87 8.79 903 91.21 0 0.00 0.088

The turn brought the queen (maybe the river, this has been a couple of months, but that isn't the point).

After the hand was over, the "knowledgable" local went ballistic. He jumped up from his chair and said, "That was a 47:3 shot. He wasn't getting anywhere near that to make such a call!"

Glenn looked at me like, "Huh? Three what? Where did he get those numbers???"

I said, "Must be Orleans Odds."

We both cracked up.

Felicia :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Suck Me at the Riverside

Here is the first in a series of funny happenings at the Riverside.

Lately I've developed a soft spot for the Riverside. Readers will remember how I have raked them over the coals during the past three years due to the mafia-like ownership and some of the atrocities that occur there.

Mike, the CRM, is from the sports book, however, and does not run the room the way that Bear ran it. The prize pools are correct, completely outrageous behavior is not tolerated, and Mike is a pretty laid back preson. If I could criticize him for anything, it would be that he is not a strong CRM and kind of lets everyone else run the room, like James at the Belle, but with less smarmy disgustingness that was James' personality.

One thing I like about Mike is that he doesn't shoot the messenger (me), and that he realizes that some people are out of line, but if he's not going to do anything about them, he's not going to do anything about me, either. Other CRM's have felt that others can cross lines, but not me, since they "know me," or since I'm a female. Not Mike. He may not do anything about the drunk in seat four who is cursing and rude, but he doesn't go off on me, either. I like people who treat all customers the same way, who do not pick and choose when they are going to enforce some random rule.

Anyway, Mike cracks me up. He plays a lot, and sometimes he plays pretty well. He is slightly too tight and timid. But this isn't about Mike's play, I just bring it up because he plays a lot.

One time there was a socallie sitting at our table who had a bad temper. If things didn't go his way, he tended to rant and rave. Sooooo, he calls in EP with 42s, lol. I can't remember if I called or if I was in the blind with something like Q9o. I flopped three nines and bet it all the way. I filled on the river, but it also gave the grumpy socallie a flush. He raised me, I re-raised him. I took the pot.

He was cursing at me, grumbling and mumbling about his horrible luck. He had gone through about five racks this way over the afternoon, yet made the same terrible plays over and over again. Because I was the lone female at the table, he felt he could take his anger and aggression out on me, and started cursing at me.

Mike was on one side of me. The guy on the other side of me was confused about why this dude was so mad at me, when I was ahead all along and he made such horrible plays. I shrugged and dismissed it saying, "That's the Riverside!" He went on about it, how the guy was cursing at me and nothing was being done. I said:

"I don't care what he thinks. He can suck my penis."

The guy next to me was rolling in both shock and the hilarity of the situation. Grumpy fell silent. Mike laughed and didn't say a word.

Felicia :)

Monday at Riverside

I'm putting together a funny sayings post about things at Riverside. I know some of you like my humorous posts, so I'm hoping this will be a good one. I should take notes. The things I hear there are so ROFL funny that I could write a book.
Last night:

-$90 (4/8 Kill HE)
+$140 (2-6 HE Kill)
=+50 Net winnings for Monday, September 11, 2006

(Total saved for new car pre-August 15 $2500. Current total $2045)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ripe Saturday Melon

Some really weird hands on Friday and Saturday. I mean, for me, resident rock and "boulder city" wannabe ;)

I ended up playing in the tourney on Friday at Riverside, as some of you may have noticed. Our 4/8 game went down only about ten minutes into the event, and the 2-6 didn't look very healthy either. So I let Steve "Miracle Ear" talk me into it. Mistake.

I raised a ton of limpers with AA, only got one EP limper to call. I had about double the amount of chips he had. His type of play should indicate why he had no chips. He had QQ. He turned a gutshot draw and started screaming for a nine. He got it. Then he did the "Ship ME the money!" holla. I told him he had bad etiquette. He ignored me. I said, "Sir, your behavior is out of line." He ignored me studiously. I mentioned to Glenn later that he must be friends with John Bonetti. He shut up and never made comment after that hand, so he must have thought about what I'd said, even if he would not condescend to reply or apologize.

A couple of hands later I had Q7 in the big blind. Got to see a free flop, which was Q77. I went all in with my meager remaining stack, knowing someone would have to call me anyway. Sure enough, the SB called with Q6. The turn was the case queen and we split the pot. Unlike Mr. Rude, she was aghast and groaned aloud.

I got lucky when we were down to two tables. I had A8s and only enough for the BB and 1/2 of the SB. UTG went all-in for his case 5k, so I did, too. Both blinds called. The flop came rags with two diamonds (my suit). The SB bet right out like he had something, so the big blind folded his pair. The SB turned over nothing, just KQo. The BB went ballistic and I laughed like a hyena. I told him that bluffing into a dry sidepot makes baby Jesus weep. He looked at both of us like we were mad. He had no idea what a horrible play that was. The BB explained it to him. He illustrated how he would have knocked both of us out, since my flush never got there. I don't think the SB will ever do that again. He seemed appalled once he realized what he'd done.

So I quadrupled up. And Mr. Rude Bonetti at my first table? Well, I'm happy to say that because of his horrible play, he had no chips and went all-in UTG with AJs and his case 6k. He was called by the BB who had already put 4k in and pretty much had to call. BB had T3o and spiked a ten on the river. Mr. Rude grumbled and mumbled all the way down to the loser's lounge.

I did not make any comment. I won't stoop to that level.

Oooooh, but I did, I did. Man, sometimes I can be so horrible. The times that I am at my worst, my most rude, insensitive, testosterone driven, penis-wannabe, etc, etc. are the times that I don't even mean to hurt someone. But I'll come back to that in a moment.

I finally busted out on the FT bubble when I had A8o on the button and tried to steal from the BB, who woke up with aces :)

And then, I got to go back to cash games.

Now back to my faux pas. I do this kind of stuff all the time. Why? Because I am super blunt and when I sit here typing away I think that I'm basically just writing a diary. The difference between this and a private diary is that you can read it. The public can read it. But I rarely, if ever, stop to think about that. I think of it as my own, personal, private thoughts, which cannot possibly hurt anyone.

And that is how I get into trouble. That is how I get the death threats and hate mail. I suck.

When we went into Ramada for the Saturday tournament, the CRM was there. Glenn was lagging all morning, so we didn't get there until it was sold out. I was the #5 alternate.

I finally got called to buy-in, about 30 minutes into the event. Since the structure is so good, I wasn't bothered by this at all. Maybe I should have been, but hindsight is 20/20, lol.

So I went to get my seat assignment from the CRM, and she was obviously upset at me. I knew it was regarding what I'd written in this journal. I apologized for opening my big mouth. First of all, some of the things I'd written were gossip around town, and I'm not much for gossip. I was just typing along and didn't even realize what I was saying.

I'm a moron, and I always take the blame when I'm wrong. People never realize that about me. They are used to blunt people who can dish it out, but can't take it, and never, ever apologize or admit when they are wrong. I'm the opposite of this. I can take a lot of ribbing or criticism, and I definitely am the first person to step up to the plate when I am wrong. My apologies aren't hollow or meaningless, either. I am completely sincere and sometimes lament my nature for days. If I am out of line, and am called on it, I will suffer greatly for my bad behavior.

Apologizing doesn't make it all better. It doesn't make it "go away." I'm not deluding myself, never have. Being sincere and contrite doesn't make me a martyr or wash away my faults. I'm human. I just actually SAY what many people are thinking. Some call it rude or non-PC. Others call it blunt or candid. I prefer to think that if everyone would just say what they mean, instead of always lying, the world would be a better place. But what do I know? Nothing.

Okay, so moving on to the actual tournament.

This is the one that Glenn chopped last week. The one with the outrageous bounties. Oh, yeah.

I lasted all of one hand. Or should I say I didn't even last one hand?

I was dealt into the blind with K2s. No raise pre-flop and 30 limpers.

The flop came K2x with one heart (my suit). I bet the pot. The turn was the six of hearts. I bet the pot again. The river was an offsuit queen.

One of the dozen limpers had called all the way with a three outer. AJo. The queen gave her broadway.
pokenum -h kh 2h - ac jc -- ks 2d th
Holdem Hi: 990 enumerated boards containing Ks 2d Th
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
Kh 2h 822 83.03 168 16.97 0 0.00 0.830
Ac Jc 168 16.97 822 83.03 0 0.00 0.170
pokenum -h kh 2h - ac jc -- ks 2d th 6h
Holdem Hi: 44 enumerated boards containing Ks 2d Th 6h
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
Kh 2h 41 93.18 3 6.82 0 0.00 0.932
Ac Jc 3 6.82 41 93.18 0 0.00 0.068

Oh yeah, baby, I run GOOT!

Poor Glenn busted out almost right after me. AKo against KQo. The board was Kxx. River queen. Ah, well, off to the Riverside.

Glenn bought into the tournament, while I stayed in cash games. My head was pounding, but the espresso only subdued it so long. Allergies have been massive recently, with the crazy weather. The swings are like 100+ degrees with full sun during the day or before the rain comes. The the temp drops down to about 75 and there are scattered showers. Then the wind blows it all around. Sun comes back out, zooms up to 100 again. Then late at night it drops off considerably. One night we got down to 66 degrees before we even made it home from the RS. So my head had been pounding, nose running, eyes watery.

Don't cry for me, I'll take it over cancer anyday! ;)

I couldn't really get anything going on at Riverside, but Glenn chopped first. The field was soooo small (everyone is mobbing over at Ramada on Saturday afternoons), that Glenn only got about $350 for chopping first place!! Oh, well. A win is a win, and we'll take it.

We went home extremely early. I think it was still light outside, but I just couldn't take the pounding head anymore.

Luckily I was able to calm down, take some allergy meds and win a little scratch online. Counts for something, I'd say!

In gardening news, we woke up this morning to find a brown snake on our back patio. I'll have to look up that snake to see if it's dangerous. Also, my poor little Desert King watermelon split open. The crazy torrents of rain, plus the scalding sun probably didn't fare well for the bugger. The good news is, it was just about ripe and is still edible. So what that it's only the size of a cantaloupe! Melon is melon and it's GOOOOOD!

Have a great week, all!

Felicia :)

-$20 (4/8 Kill HE)
-$60 (Ramada NLHE Tourney)
-$20 (2-6 HE)
=-155 Net winnings for Saturday, September 9, 2006

(Total saved for new car pre-August 15 $2500. Current total $1995)